What is your mission as a homeschool co-op?

The mission of Wonder & Grow Learning Community is to gift learners the space, time & support to experience wonder-filled discovery, emotional growth & a community of friendship. 

What is your culture like?

Wonder & Grow Learning Community upholds a secular and inclusive culture. We welcome families of any religious and nonreligious background and require all members to demonstrate kindness and respect to everyone.  

What does the term secular mean and why is this part of your culture?

The term secular means that there is no religious affiliation or connection. Our group is exclusively secular AND inclusive. We strive to have a safe environment for all who attend which means we have no tolerance for bullying or harassment including proselytization (trying to recruit or convert to one's faith). Being a secular group means you can rest assured that your beliefs are irrelevant to our acceptance of you, being an inclusive group means there will be people that are different from you, and being both means we understand and welcome the wide differences in this world and we can all grow and learn together in a safe place.

When & where do you meet?

We offer 2 days to our registered community members: 

DAY 1: Tuesdays 10a-2p in Maumee, Ohio: Art, Science/Gardening, Theater, Lunch (Tuesdays are REQUIRED to attend on a weekly basis)

DAY 2: Wednesdays 10a-12: Child-led Hike (Wednesdays are OPTIONAL)

Can I just attend the hikes without being a full member?

Only attending hike-days is not an option at this time.

If you are a secular group, why do you meet in a church?

Our meeting location is very gracious in allowing us to use their space without the need for a statement of faith. We are very lucky to have a location to host us which provides us with ample rooms and space to accommodate multiple age groups, classes, activities, shows, and more while being able to keep our costs very low for our families.  

When is the Science Fair?


When is the Art & Garden Show and Production?


How much will I have to teach?

We operate as primarily a volunteer-led community. Therefore, all adults should expect to help by teaching a minimum of 3-5 classes per semester. If enrollment allows, some volunteers may have a 1 month 'break' from leading a class. This does not include additional volunteering such as class helper and nursery.

Where do I get my teaching material when it is my turn?

Lead teachers are only needed each week for Art classes and Science classes. You can browse things like Pinterest, craft forums, science lab curricula, etc for your ideas!

Do I need to purchase supplies when I teach?

No. Fees that are paid by families will purchase supplies for classes.

How do I communicate my class idea?

Class ideas are required to be submitted for approval no less than 4 weeks prior to the start of your class time to ensure no duplicate projects and so supplies will be available on your class day.

What if I am absent the day of my teaching?

We really hope this is an extenuating circumstance for you to miss the day of class in which you are a lead teacher. However, if this were to happen, a substitute teacher will be assigned to your lead teaching role for that day.

What else is required in terms of volunteering?

All adults will sign up in advance of each semester for helper roles including helping in classrooms, toddler room, and cleaning crew. We are a parent-run organization, meaning we work together to make the day run smoothly.

I babysit another person's child through the day. Is it okay that they come with me?

Due to insurance purposes, all children in the building, whether participating or not, need to have a legal parent or guardian on site.

Do you or will you require masks?

It is up to members attending Wonder & Grow and their own comfort levels in regards to wearing masks for their family during activities. W&G will NOT be implementing any kind of required mask policy. There is also zero tolerance of discrimination and bullying for personal medical decisions. 

If you have adults teaching, are they background checked?

Yes. We require all adult members of Wonder & Grow to go through a nationwide criminal background check and sex offender search. 

I don't know how to run a classroom and I am not so sure about teaching. Will you help me?

Yes! Wonder & Grow has teaching guidelines in place, classroom rules, and a gentle discipline policy to help give you a solid foundation for your day of teaching. You will also have a classroom helper assigned and extra help if needed. We want you to feel supported as you make your teaching contribution to our learning community for that day.

What is a gentle discipline policy?

Our philosophy is to love each others' children through difficult behaviors by using some simple, standard corrective methods to ensure a disruption is handled in a respectful way. Yelling, humiliating, time out, and physical punishment by any adult are unacceptable at Wonder & Grow and are grounds for immediate permanent dismissal from the group.

I've had a bad experience with conflicts and behavioral issues at other co-ops. How can I be sure I won't have the same issues here?

Although we cannot guarantee a favorable experience for you in our community, we have done everything we can to put policies in place for such scenarios. We hope that you'll agree that by doing so, we can have the best chance at solving issues if they arise.

What kind of organization is Wonder & Grow?

We are a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization. Wonder & Grow Learning Community is a registered trade name in the state of Ohio.